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A month full of harmony, sensuality, and physical comfort awaits you. At work, you may advance in your work function or you may obtain a better job. The Mars-Saturn opposition is dangerous for your health, avoid diseases and violence. In June , you will continue to rest, to assist passively to conflicts and to make plans for the summer. People ask you for advice and you are giving them happily. It is possible to receive some indecent proposal, this is why you should first think about the consequences. Avoid disagreements, otherwise, you may encounter a long series of disappointments.

For you, July will be full of opportunities to travel, to know new people and to gather new info.

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You love to be the center of attention and to express your opinions as loud as possible. In love, the visit of Mars in your zodiac sign can bring tensions and conflicts. It is not excluded to get involved in some dangerous romantic adventures. The romance within the couple will be replaced by financial worries, plans for concluding an important project, selling some assets etc. Conflicts triggered by material concerns may occur. Enthusiasm and novelty. These are the surprises brought to you by Venus in the couple house of your zodiac sign, especially in the first half of the month.

You will have a more playful mood, more sensual and more inclined to flirting, new experiences and adrenaline in your intimate life. In the second decade, minor conflicts and tensions may occur, which it is better if you extinguish before they get out of proportions. The first week of October will be trivial for Gemini natives in love.

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Venus also gives a romantic mentality and strong devotional capacity. Venus gives some artistic pride, but not an empty pride, but one of recognizing beauty when they see it.

How Gemini People Are Misunderstood?

Venus allows them to create beauty that others could never conceptualize and only dream off. Venus ruling the 5th causes the Gemini native to love the process of being creative. Venus also gives an avenue of escape through romance, education or spiritual practices. Due to its 5th house lordship, Venus is a temporal benefic, though as the 12th lord it may give some expense on account of romance, children, education, and their creative pursuits. Saturn is the human dogmatism of the Twins. Saturn, as the 8th and 9th lord, represents the typical human behavior of seeking spiritually as a result of crisis and difficulties.

For Gemini, Saturn is planet of developing faith and religion due to confrontation with mortality.

Saturn is very much a planet of penance and suffering which the Gemini native must undergo before discovering the truth they seek. Saturn, ruling the 8th house of vulnerability, also indicates some vulnerability in their faith, which only time will deepen.

This vulnerability may be a source of dogmatism. Saturn, being a delaying factor, indicates that their spiritual life is stronger later in life, preference instead is placed on developing their skills in the early life.

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The 8th house lordship also makes their fortune somewhat unsteady, particularly in the earlier years, and generally causes some instability or crisis with the father as well. As the moolatrikona is the 9th house, and the 9th house is also the strongest trine, Saturn is a temporal benefic. There is more of an emphasis placed on faith, religion, etc, than on the immoralities, difficulties, etc.

As a natural malefic Saturn, serves to separate the native from those things it influences due to their need to grow in wisdom and detachment. Divine Time Astrology, P. The design, articles and images on this website represent the property of divinetimeastrology. All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means is not permitted without the express agreement of the website owner.

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Home Is This You? Audio Files on Flirting! Moon as 2nd Lord The Moon is the familial closeness of the Twins. Mars as 6th and 11th Lord Mars is the Man with the Club.