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Once he is taken, he rarely gazes into other pastures. You also enjoy mates who challenge your intellect. She officially thinks flowers are a cheap romantic trick. But, if you pull out the totally unexpected, for-no-reason bouquet, she melts. She needs to know that she will be amused.

The muse of love and a sparkling wit, she is able to spin the mundane into sparkling fresh vistas. Psyche in Gemini is comfortable with romantic ambiguity to the point of perhaps even preferring it.

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She trusts her mind, staying where the stimulation is, needing both to amuse and be amused. Her romantic ideal is to be a co-conspirator in love, the true companion and confidante of her soulmate. Complex and beguiling, she is literally terrified of dull people. With his fickleness, he loves compilation albums. He needs to know that change is okay. The guy with Psyche in Gemini will put up with sly and fickle vixenly types. Actually, he prefers it that way.

Asteroids Eros and Psyche: Soul Love and Passion Part I

He loves it. A variety buff, his true love is a multifaceted minx-witch type, never the same persona for two days running. His true love is complicated. However, he is neither boring nor a whiner nor into making turgid emotional demands. Remember, his Psyche is symbolized by The Twins.

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You will go out of your way to make a partner happy. To trigger the nurturing but complex depths of the Cancerian Psyche, bring anything that grows in the water, or November lilies. Think lush.

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She needs to know that she is safe. She is the empress of hearts, a woman of profound nurturing instincts and compassion. Her all understanding mien attracts many not-so-suitable suitors. Spookily, she is able to morph into whatever guise feels most appropriate for the circumstances. Yet this Psyche must take care to stay attuned to her own true needs and avoid wandering around lost in the desire-driven projections of others.

Highly emotional and intuitive, she needs a lover to cherish her extreme sensitivities. It could be classical or New Age, perhaps Ennio Morricone. The sign of Cancer is linked to the goddess Psyche, so the man with Psyche in Cancer seems to have a direct line into the female soul. Combine that with his deep subconscious drive for total security — that is, back to the womb and he can be the classic womanizer. His relationship with his mother or a key maternal figure is intensely important and provides the key to his romantic self-expression.

His feminine ideal is totally womanly, soft and giving. You are able to discern the best in people and bring that out. You are attracted to charming, good-looking people. You also have a tendency to project onto your partner the way you want to be. The Psyche in Leo girl is at the centre of her universe. Maybe the Sun Goddess rose… She needs to know that she is the star.

Psyche in Leo is the showgirl at heart, needing admiration from more than just one-quarter of the male population true happiness. A born creative spirit, that flees fast from mediocrity. She makes men giddy and she fancies the idea of being dizzy with love. The first moments of a crush are heaven for Psyche in Leo. But herein lies the problem. She craves a love beyond all others, the greatest love show on earth. But what relationship can actually live up to that?

He may have a secret collection of songs from the New Romantic period. Or he adores OTT pomp 1ike, the Overture. He needs to know that everyone else wanted her. His inner ideas of the ultimate woman is a superstar — gorgeous, acclaimed and his. The man with Psyche in Leo fantasizes about -or has! He likes the glitz, glam and psychodrama of love, someone who is a personage in her own right, a prima diva by nature and yet also warm, generous and talented.

His inspiration is old Hollywood movies.

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Think golden, think bombshell. You show your affection to someone who accepts them unconditionally. You are usually concerned about what the lover can bring to the table. Once smitten, you are very generous of your time and material resources. Her vampish knowingness and grasp of nuance suggest an arrangement of kale with sword ferns.

Find Your Goddess Of The Soul Sign

Psyche in Virgo is the vamp of love and the mistress of nuance. But Psyche in Virgo frets, yearning for someone to show the same grasp of her details. She wants to be finessed, to have someone remember her favorite poem or the thread of the conversation from three months ago. Utterly sensual, she is nonetheless most enticed by a deep mental affinity, by someone who understands her with no explanations needed. When he says jazz he means goatees and berets.

What PSYCHE in Astrology Means | Lipstick Alley

He needs to know that details count for something. The man with Psyche in Virgo longs for someone to understand him on every level. But this trick must somehow be accomplished with a high degree of sophistication. He loves the woman who can draw an intelligent conclusion without him having to spell things out. His Ms Ideal is meticulous without making a big fuss of it, and someone who is together, worldly and witty. Eschewing mess and living an out here lifestyle, she is dean-living and discreet. You are fascinated by partners with striking looks, possibly to the detriment of other aspects, in order to indulge the fantasy of the relationship.

Usually you get wise to this tendency in due time. You treat everyone around you lavishly. The Psyche in Libra woman is girly-girly in love and she prefers subtle shades. Think pink: fuchsias, pink gerberas, coral carnations.