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Those born under the sign of the lion not only dream big, but they love large as well. They want to leave the world a better place than they found it, and they have the passion, the drive, and the ambition to do just that if they put their minds to it and work hard. However, Leos also sometimes have a tendency to be vain, stubborn, and overbearing at times, and their pussycat exterior hides a temper that can be vicious if rubbed the wrong way. The trademark Leo pride can also mutate into overbearing self-importance if not properly tempered.

When it comes to astrology love signs, Leo is best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they share many of their natural sensibilities and outlooks. Sagittarius : Both Sagittarius and Leo are robust, fiery, fun-loving signs that share a mutual love of adventure and freedom, both in love with the experience of life itself.

Each one stimulates, encourages, and inspires the other to reach new heights. Leo and Sagittarius are also equally potent in the bedroom, making sex a favorite way of bonding and spending time together.

Seeing eye to eye when it comes to many important aspects of life, this is an astrology love match built to last. Both are passionate, energetic, and slightly egotistical, but as long as they take care to respect one another, this can be more of an asset than a liability. Both also share a mutual love of sex, making their sex life a key bonding point when it comes to their relationship. Gemini : Both Leo and Gemini are signs that approach life with enthusiasm and gusto. Although they do go about that from different angles Leo with the heart and Gemini with the head their differences in that respect compliment each other as opposed to cause trouble.

This is a couple that generally has a wonderful time whenever they are together. Capricorn : There are few signs that are more complete opposites than Leo and Capricorn.

They speak different languages and see eye to eye on little. Nor are they the best sexual match, each possessing a totally different outlook and energy level when it comes to sex. Taurus : These two signs run into a lot of trouble when it comes to money matters.

Worst Matches

Taurus is all about thrift and preparation for the future while Leo would rather spend and have a good time in the present. They will also find that they have many issues when it comes to the way they each show affection. They love the others almost as much as they love themselves. Their love affairs and love stories can be compared to these passionate epic novels that some middle-aged women read in the underground.

Leo and Leo in relationship of love are like a fireworks show, with sparks, noise, fire, colors, rockets, shapes in the sky and lots of emotions. This couple enjoys hedonism —giving mutual pleasures-, so every time they are together there will be a fight with trophies and martyrs at the same time.

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Leo is very dramatic in life, and especially in love: they express their feelings times more when they love someone. Two Leo in love are not like a beautiful and charming fairytale, their story is going to be a proper and memorable romantic drama, like a movie. This overwhelming drama can either ruin the relationship or keep it alive, it depends on how the two Leo involved act and change. They usually start as a love at first sight, with a deep glance between them. They know something is going to happen.

Leo is like that, exaggerated and egocentric. But love for them is one of the best adventures in their lives and they enjoy living it to the limit. They can melt in adoration for their better half. In fact, a Leo couple worships each other.

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Their love story is full of music, colors, laughs, little details and romantic gifts. They can imagine they are in Rome while sitting in a random park, their imagination is over any limit. In addition, Leo tends to flirt and to have weaknesses, but when they are truly in love they are very faithful. If they are understanding and tolerant, everything will be ok. If a Leo-Leo couple wants it to work, they must leave their respective egos aside and be tolerant. Even if their story sounds idyllic, they have the same problems as any couple or marriage, for example, their individual commitments, their respective families, and the family budget.

A right money handling is especially important between two Leos.

Leo Compatibility

And, of course, this is a source of discussions and fights. Leo and Leo in love, are, in general, a good match —as long as they respect, love and admire each other. Leo are natural born leaders, and we all know it. They are demanding, and in some cases, they can be too bossy or arrogant —even bullying! Leo can decide to share the power and admiration with another excellent Leo.

They are a powerful team which has its own entity, regardless their individualities. When they work together, imagination, creativity, determination and conviction are unstoppable. They are a great teamwork when they share respect and admiration and they are both at the same level of relevance.

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We cannot lie: discussions here are an issue. Leo are very stubborn and when they have an idea, they stick to it and rarely change their mind —or at least, it is very complicated to convince them. To keep alive this fruitful and productive relationship, they need to adapt to each other and think about the final success, not about them being absolutely right about the process.