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10 Unknown Facts about People born in February - Do You Know?

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They are also very clever when they want to be. They are probably the first ones to start a rumour and could find it a bit tough to keep a secret.

This idealistic, dreamy, kind and impractical sign needs a lot of understanding. Nobody is more kind, thoughtful and caring but they have a tendency to drift away from people and responsibilities. When the going gets rough, they get going! Being creative, clever and resourceful, these people can achieve a great deal and really reach the top but few of them do.

Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

Some Pisces have a self-destruct button which they press before reaching their goal. Others do achieve success and the motivating force behind this essentially spiritual and mystical sign is often money. Many Pisces feel insecure, most suffer some experience of poverty at some time in their early lives and they grow into adulthood determined that they will never feel that kind of uncertainty again.

Pisces are at home in any kind of creative or caring career. Many can be found in teaching, nursing and the arts.

Some find life hard and are often unhappy; many have to make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of others. This may be a pattern that repeats itself from childhood, where the message is that the Pisces needs always come last.

Aquarius traits - What you need to know about Aquarius

These people can be stubborn, awkward, selfish and quite nasty when a friendship or relationship goes sour. This is because, despite their basically kind and gentle personality, there is a side which needs to be in charge of any relationship.

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Problems occur if they are mistreated or rejected, if they become bored or restless or if their alcohol intake climbs over the danger level.